She Said She Said

Fest for Beatles Fans Preview Party: Beatles Authors chat with She Said She Said and Mark and Carol Lapidos

March 23, 2022

"She Said She Said" co-hosts Lanea Stagg of The Recipe Records Series and Jude Southerland Kessler of The John Lennon Series give you a FAB "heads up" on everything happening at the upcoming New York Metro Fest at the Hyatt Regency, Jersey City, New Jersey, April 1-3. First, they talk with Mark and Carol Lapidos, the founders and directors of the Fest to hear about all of the Special Guests (such as Billy J. Kramer, Mark Lewisohn, Laurence Juber, etc.) who will shine that weekend. Events for families and children are included! Then, the hosts talk with authors Susan Ryan of Fab Four Cities, Jan Mitchell of My Ticket to Ride, Piers Hemmingsen of The Beatles in Canada, Patti Gallo-Stenman of Diary of a Beatlemaniac, Pat Mancuso of Do You Want to Know A Secret - The Story of the Official Beatles Fan Club, and Marti Edwards of 16 in 64 about each of their tremendous books. Join this "mini Fest" that gives you a great preview of the fun to come and answers questions you might have about the upcoming event! For more info on the Fest for Beatles Fans, click here or go to 

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