She Said She Said

Al Sussman Takes a Bite Out of the Apple Corps

August 10, 2021

When do you think The Beatles first imagined Apple? And what was the original motivation behind their late Sixties business? The answers might surprise you! Join us as Recipe Records author, Lanea Stagg, and John Lennon Series author, Jude Southerland Kessler sit down with noted historian and Executive Editor of Beatlefan magazine, Al Sussman, to "take a bite out of the Apple Corps." How many divisions of Apple were there...and what did each department achieve? What 3 changes to Apple might have made all aspects of the company as successful as Apple Records? What role did Brian Epstein play in the company? (And yes, he DID play a pivotal role, believe it or not!!) Al Sussman will fill in all the blanks and details for us. Enjoy this informative show, the second podcast in the "She Said She Said" series on The Psychedelic Beatles. (Part 1 is the interview with Beatles' hairstylist Leslie Cavendish, also available on Podbean.) 

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