She Said She Said

Angie and Ruth McCartney Rock “She Said She Said”

July 17, 2020

Share a fun, uplifting hour with Paul McCartney's lovely step-mother, Angie McCartney, and half-sister, Ruth McCartney, as they chat with Recipe Records author, Lanea Stagg, and John Lennon Series author, Jude Southerland Kessler. Reminiscing about the McCartney's happy days in the Bahamas with The Beatles as the boys made "Help!" in 1965, and the extraordinary fifth birthday Ruth celebrated there, these two extremely joyful ladies open their hearts. They talk honestly about the value of positive thinking, in line with Jim McCartney's motto of "Toler and Moder" (Tolerance and Moderation). Angie's new book, Your Mother Should Know (With Interruptions from Daughter Ruth) is previewed...and what delightful stories there are about each of The Beatles! And the "meant to be" story of how Mrs. McCartney's Teas came into being and Mrs. McCartney's Wines grew from an idea into an industry will inspire you! No matter how "down" you are, this show will make you smile! Learn more about these great ladies at And don't forget to visit for a sneak peek at theĀ RecipeRecordsSeries and to learn more about The by reading sample chapters of the 4 exciting books (thus far) in The John Lennon Series. Get ready: love, love, love is on the way!

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