She Said She Said

She Said She Said Inteviews Harry Nilsson’s Son, Zak Nilsson

July 19, 2019

In this episode of "She Said She Said," Recipe Records author, Lanea Stagg, and author of The John Lennon Series, Jude Southerland Kessler, sit down with son of iconic rocker, Harry Nilsson - Mr. Zak Nilsson. Zak, who is waging a heroic battle with cancer has found strength in something he inherited from his father: a passion for music! Zak, in fact, has created a YouTube Channel called "Canceroke" on which he sings and shines, to help drive the pain away...and he encourages others who are struggling to join in, singing their favorite songs as well. 

Zak also shares with listeners wonderful memories of the great people he met while traveling with his dad. For example, when he was with his dad in London, they spent the day in the home of George and Olivia Harrison. And this past year, Zak unexpectedly received a lovely and encouraging letter from none other than Sir Paul McCartney. These and many other memories make this show really special.

Harry Nilsson, according to his son was "A Bigger Man," and we close the show with Zak performing the original song by this name that he penned for his father. Don't miss this touching episode of "She Said She Said." It will inspire you!