She Said She Said

SheSaidSheSaid Interview with Beatles Stylist Leslie Cavendish

June 2, 2021

Leslie Cavendish, trained in London by Vidal Sassoon as a master stylist (truly an artist), became not only The Beatles' personal stylist, but also their trusted friend. He developed their post-Fabs look during the later Beatle years. They set him up in his own salon near the Apple Boutique. His days were spent in the Apple offices, and he was a member of the Magical Mystery Tour Bus! When George Harrison invited the Hell's Angels to Apple, they stayed in Leslie's home! Leslie, with his own wry humor and delightful personality, will tell you true Beatles stories you've NEVER heard before? Which Beatle was called "The Headmaster" and couldn't sit still for a haircut? What were the earliest days of Yoko's presence in Apple like? How did Jane Asher figure into Leslie's career? This is a riveting interview. And his book, The Cutting Edge, is even better. Enjoy! 

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