She Said She Said

Tribute to Podcast Host Ann Frawley

September 8, 2022

Anna Frawley was the creator and host of the internationally acclaimed "Anna Frawley's Beatle Show" on Wnet in Warsaw, Poland. Broadcast every Friday and archived on MixCloud and Facebook (where she amassed 19,621 followers), Anna reached out to Beatles fans all over the world, accruing thousands of faithful friends and fans. Therefore, her sudden death in August of 2022 left a very real void in all of our lives. The authors of 910 Public Relations, owned and directed by Nicole Michael and the cohosts of the "She Said She Said" podcast - Lanea Stagg of The Recipe Records Series and Jude Southerland Kessler of The John Lennon Series welcome authors Laura Cortner, Dr. Bob Hieronimus, Tim Hatfield and his wife Susan in the tender remembrance of Anna. Artwork was created by Anna's friend, Beatles artist Jay Kelly. The lovely tribute video was lovingly created by Rande Kessler.

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