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It’s All in the Mind: Inside The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine

May 17, 2022

Co-hosts Lanea Stagg of The Recipe Records Series and Jude Southerland Kessler of The John Lennon Series sit down with noted authors Laura Cortner and Dr. Bob Hieronimus to discuss their new book, It's All in the Mind: Inside The Beatles' Yellow Submarine. This is the second volume that the two superb researchers have published on the making of Yellow Submarine, the artists involved, and the work of Heinz Edelmann and Sir George Martin. You'll enjoy  "insider" stories on the animators, the "backstage" pranks, the happy moments and rough patches that the crew experienced. And most of all, the artistry of this complex film is revealed. Once you hear this podcast, you'll want to see the film again. 

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